The boiling earth… Passengers fainting on planes without air conditioning at 44 degrees

As the rainy season has slowed down, heat has come to most of Korea, and many places around the world are recording record high temperatures, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees.

In Las Vegas, USA, passengers who were waiting on board without air conditioning collapsed when the plane took off was delayed.

This is Reporter Hong Soo-jin.


A tourist destination in Sicily, Italy.

With temperatures reaching 40 degrees, tourists are more in need of shade than sightseeing.

I keep drinking water to cool off, but my face immediately turns red.

[Tourist: “It’s too hot. I’m looking for shade first온라인카지노. (Cold water too.)”]

In Sicily, there have been deaths due to the heat.

Italy issued a heatwave red alert in 23 cities and opened a heatwave emergency line.

In the United States, extreme heat continued for nearly a month, centering on the South.

At Las Vegas Airport, where the temperature rose to 44 degrees Celsius, some passengers collapsed on board waiting on the runway as takeoff was delayed.

This happened after waiting for about 4 hours without air conditioning.

[Passenger: “It was total mayhem. The flight attendants put on an oxygen mask for the female passenger who was about to lose consciousness as she walked down the aisle.”] Spain and southern France also broke high temperature records


In Baghdad, Iraq, the temperature rose to 50 degrees.

The dry weather adds to the heat wave, and forest fires are continuing in Greece and elsewhere.

The first week of the month marked the hottest first week of July on record, with millions suffering in the northern hemisphere from record-breaking heatwaves.

This is KBS News Hong Soo-jin.

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