“The brother-in-law who doesn’t want to go to the bathroom with his father-in-law, and the younger sister are angry… Can I say something?”

The story of a man who wants to say something about his brother-in-law who rejected his father’s offer of a bathhouse is a hot topic.

Recently, an article titled ‘Son-in-law doesn’t want to go to the bathroom with his father-in-law’ was posted on ‘Blind’, an anonymous community for office workers.

Writer A said, “My family consists of four siblings. The first, second, and youngest are daughters, and only the third, the youngest, is a son. There is a bit of an age gap with my older sisters, and my younger sister and I are two years apart. My older sisters and my wife먹튀검증 are in their mid-to-late 40s, and I and my younger sister are in their early-to-mid 30s, so I think they are the younger generation in the family.”

He continued, “My younger sister and his wife live close to my parents’ neighborhood, and my dad must have wanted to go to the public bath with my brother-in-law.” Explained.

According to the article, the younger sister told her father, “She hates the public bath, let alone the nobleman (her husband) washing outside together. If she is looking for a son to go with, take her brother (Mr. A). These days, it’s rude to call both sides right away like that,” she said angrily.

Ms. A told her youngest child that her mother complained to me as if her father, who had become depressed after hearing her nagging, seemed pitiful.

She said, “I want to go and talk to my brother-in-law right away tomorrow, but what do you think?”

Netizens who came across the story said, “You say you don’t like it, but what do you say?”, “Don’t bother taking me away to please you,” “If your younger brother treats your parents badly, you should catch him.” Can you ask me to go to the bathroom with you?’

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