The first typhoon ever to penetrate the inland… Tomorrow to the day after dawn

Typhoon Kanun No. 6 is heading먹튀검증 north toward the Korean Peninsula.

It is expected to land on the south coast tomorrow morning and penetrate the inland, so there are concerns about great damage.

The typhoon crisis warning has been raised to the highest level, ‘serious’.

Let’s connect reporters to learn more about the typhoon situation and prospects. Reporter Jeong Hye-yoon! [Reporter] The typhoon is

currently passing through the sea around 140km west of Kyushu, Japan. It is about 300 km southeast of Seogwipo. Near the center, it is accompanied by gusts of 35m per second, and it is moving northwest while maintaining the power of a strong typhoon. In Kyushu, Japan, which is in the typhoon danger semicircle, a storm with a maximum wind speed of 40.3m was recorded this morning, and a heavy rain of 50mm per hour was poured in southern Kyushu. 10,000 households suffered power outages, 400,000 were evacuated, and the Shinkansen was also suspended. The typhoon will continue to move north and land on the southern coast of Gyeongsangnam-do at around 9:00 am tomorrow. [Anchor] How strong will the rain and wind be when a typhoon lands and penetrates the inland? [Reporter] As the typhoon penetrates the inland, the whole country is directly affected by the typhoon.

In particular, the strongest rain and wind will be concentrated in Yeongdong and Yeongnam, which are the risk factors.

First of all, water bombs of up to 600mm in Yeongdong and up to 400mm in Yeongnam are expected to be poured.

In addition, heavy rain of up to 200mm is expected in Seoul and inland.

The wind will be the strongest at 40m per second on the coast of Yeongnam, and a storm wind of 25 to 35m per second will blow in Yeongdong, inland Yeongnam, and Jeju Island.

Strong winds of up to 25 to 30m are expected in other inland areas

. This typhoon is very unusual in that it penetrates the Korean Peninsula from the center to the north and south. It’s a penetrating typhoon.

Thorough preparations are needed as major damage is feared across the country.

This is YTN Jeong Hye-yoon from the Department of Culture and Life Sciences.

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