The Jamboree ends with a K-pop concert.

The Saemangeum Jamboree, which had a lot of words and troubles, came to an end with a closing ceremony and a K-pop concert for 12 days.

The 40,000 members who gathered for the performance at the Seoul World Cup Stadium are scheduled to return home one after another from today.

Reporter Jung Sang-bin delivers.

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Jamboree members enter the arena waving with bright smiles.

More than 40,000 people filled the streets with their national flags.

[Indonesia Jamboree Member Group]
“I’m really looking forward to today!”

The K-pop Super Live concert started soon after.

The entire stadium was illuminated with colorful lights.

As the girl group New Jeans go on stage먹튀검증, the cheers grow louder, and the members of the audience cheer even more enthusiastically.

At the concert, which started at 7 p.m., 19 teams took the stage and performed passionately even in the rain.

[Megan Bao/USA]
“It was really good. There were a lot of idols I knew, and we also listened to a lot of K-pop, so it was a really enjoyable experience.”

Prior to the performance, an official closing ceremony was held.

Representatives from the three countries made a scout declaration, and the Scout Association was handed over to Poland, the host country of the next Jamboree.

After the event was over, 40,000 crew members left for their lodgings one by one by sharing public transportation with 1,400 tour buses.

Members who participated in the Jamboree expressed their feelings that the 12 days they spent in Korea were difficult but wonderful and valuable.

[Lizia Alcantara/Philippines]
“It was the best memory for me. Every moment, including the K-pop concert, is precious.”

The event was attended by large crowds and it rained, but fortunately it ended without incident.

Members of the crew are scheduled to depart sequentially from today according to their respective schedules.

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