The king of half-court basketball is revealed, the ONE HOOP league is launched… ‘full’ of freshness

The ‘ONE HOOP’ basketball league, which determines the absolute powerhouse of half-court basketball, has been launched.안전놀이터

It consists of 2on2 and 1on1 games to the 3on3 basketball game, which can be said to be the representative game of the existing half-court basketball, and is a format that adds fun to basketball through diversity.

Starting with the 2on2 game, where dynamics are a strong point, 1on1 basketball that can show individual skills such as dribbling, crossover, and step back will be finished with 3on3 basketball. Showing all the games that can be made on the half court is the difference between the One Hoop Basketball League.

2on2 matches are played in two halves of 3 minutes each, and 1on1 matches are held in a ‘Winner Stays’ format with 3 players from each team participating. The highlight of the game, 3on3, is played in 4 quarters of 3 minutes each.

Victory points for each game are 3 points for a 2on2 win, 2 points for a 1on1 win, 3 points for a 3on3 win, and 1 bonus point for a sweep win.

The One Hoop Basketball League is a system in which up to 10 players per team register and 5 entry players compete on game day. Commissioner Jang Dae-seok, who is in charge of planning and overseeing the tournament, said, “I think ‘Double Bump Violation’ is the most core rule of One Hoop Basketball. The One Hoop Basketball League aims for fast and diverse skill-oriented basketball rather than low-post basketball for big men with physical and large sizes. “Double bump violation” is a rule in which an attacker loses the right to attack if the defender bumps the defender more than once during a backdown play. In addition to this, unlike the existing FIBA ​​rules, the ‘Loser’s ball’, in which the team that lost a goal when scoring a goal starts an attack from the arc top, and the attack rule that allows you to attack right away in the event of a block shot, air ball, steal, etc. He said, “I will show basketball that is much faster and focused on individual skills.”  

The one-hoc basketball league, which determines the strongest player in half-court basketball and individual skills, will feature 6 of the strongest 3on3 basketball teams in Korea, including Black Label, Masterwook, Prism, J. 3 National team players, Kang Byil, Kim Junseong, Ha Dohyun, Song Changmu, and other KBL professional players will participate and show a high level of competition.

MG Saemaul Geumgo Insurance participates as the league title sponsor for the One Hoop Basketball League, and Namyang Dairy Products, Ceragem, Molten, Sports Safety Foundation, LK Sports, Stuff, and Master Wook participate as sponsors.

The newly launched ‘2023 MG Saemaeul Geumgo Insurance One Hoop Basketball League’ will be played on a special court at Myung Film Art Center in Paju, and will be broadcast for the first time on MGTV on June 23. Afterwards, it plans to reproduce highlights and shorts through its own YouTube channel and provide more diverse contents full of attractions.

Also, on June 20 (Tue) at 11:00 am, a Media Day will be held at the MG Hall of the MG Saemaul Geumgo Federation located in Samseong-dong, Seoul. In addition to introducing the newly launched One Hoop Basketball League, players representing the league, such as Park Min-soo, Kang By-il, and Im Won-jun, will also conduct media interviews to reveal their aspirations to participate in the league. 

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