The people want ‘this man’ again?… Press the incumbent president in virtual confrontation

A public opinion poll showed that former President Donald Trump, the leading Republican presidential candidate in the United States, was ahead of the margin of error in a bilateral confrontation with Democratic candidate President Joe Biden.

Morning Consult, an American polling company, conducted a survey of about 6,000 voters on the 23rd and 25th of this month (range of error ± 1%). President Eden received 41% approval rating each. The rest of the responses were 10% in favor of other candidates and 5% in don’t know. This is the first time that former President Trump has beaten President Biden outside the margin of error since the company conducted public opinion polls in the Republican presidential primary since December of last year. In the previous survey (June 9-11 ), both former President Trump and President Biden had the same 42% approval rating.

Former President Trump has been accused of paying company money to silence sexual scandals and taking out classified documents, and despite additional legal risks such as involvement in the 1.6 congressional violence incident and claims of presidential fraud, he is rallying his supporters. President Biden has been struggling to increase his approval rating, such as going on the 3-week national policy tour “Invest in America” from the 26th.

Florida Governor Ron Disantis, who declared running for the Republican presidential nomination at the end of last month as a ‘Trump opponent’, is struggling without enjoying the convention effect (an increase in approval ratings after political events).

When Governor Disantis faced President Biden in the presidential election, he gained 40% and 42% approval ratings, respectively. In the case of Governor Disantis, he is also behind President Biden in his competitiveness in the presidential election.

Former President Trump is overwhelming, gaining more than half (59%) of the support in the primary within the Republican Party. Governor Disantis, the runner-up, only gained 19% of the approval rating. It is followed by Vice President Mike Pence at 7%, entrepreneur Vivek Lamaswami at 6%, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and Tim Scott, the Republican’s only black senator, at 3% each.

According to the trend of public opinion polls, former President Trump’s approval rating in the Republican Party rose to 61% at one time and is stable in the late 50s. Governor Disantis’ approval rating rose to the mid-30% range, expecting a Yanggang composition with former President Trump, but now it has stagnated at around 20%.

Former President Trump and Governor Disantis launched a war of nerves at the same time in New Hampshire, the primary primary area안전놀이터, on the same day.

Former President Trump referred to Governor Disantis as a compound word “Disantimonius (hypocrite pretending to be godly)” and criticized that “Disantis voted to abolish health care and social security systems.” Gov. Disantis said he would implement strong immigration policies.

A recording that former President Trump showed to the public while recognizing classified documents taken out of the White House was released that day, causing a stir.

In July 2021, after leaving office, former President Trump disclosed the US military’s plan to attack Iran, which is treated as confidential, to publishers and writers at the Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey, and said, “Isn’t it fun?” It completely proves it,” he said. In addition, he confirmed the illegality himself, saying, “It was written by the military and given to me, and it could have been declassified, but now it is not possible to do so, so it is still a secret document.” This recording can be used as key evidence that former President Trump intentionally took out secrets.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who is the third in power in the US after the president and vice president, worked as a ‘Trump escort’ in the past, but on this day CNBCAppearing on the air, he said, “Trump can beat Biden,” but “the question is whether Trump is the strongest candidate to win the election, but I don’t know the answer.” This is because even if former President Trump wins the party primary, if various legal risks become an issue, it can work against him in the main election. But House Speaker McCarthy did not comment on who the best Republican presidential candidate would be.

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