The secret weapon of the WBC Australia match is ‘long-haired finisher’ Kim Won-joong

Among the final 30 players on the WBC national team, one of the new faces that stands out is long-haired closer Kim Won-joong.

Kim Won-joong, who uses a forkball with a big drop, is attracting attention as coach Lee Kang-cheol’s secret weapon against Australia.

This is reporter Ha Moo-rim’s report.


On a track where the strong winter wind blows, Lotte’s finishing pitcher Kim Won-joong runs vigorously with his long hair waving.

Kim Won-jung, who was recently selected for the WBC national team, tasted the thrill of wearing the Taegeuk mark for the first time in his life.

[Soundbite] Kim Won-jung/Baseball National Representative : “It’s such an honor to represent my country and I feel a sense of responsibility to do well.

” Raised a digit save.

The secret is the big forkball, the deciding ball!

The ball, which came from a high RBI using the tall height of 192cm, goes like a fastball and then falls in front of the home plate to induce a strikeout. 온라인카지노

In fact, he showed strong power with a hit rate of 0.100 in scoring position last year.

As a result of coach Kang-Cheol Lee’s power analysis, it was found that Australian batters are weak against forkballs with a large drop.

[ Soundbite ] Kim Won-joong/Baseball National Representative : “I’m thinking of working with that mindset because good results come out of the mound only when I go in with a simple mindset that I will never give a score.”] If they demonstrate their down potential, manager Lee Kang-chul’s bullpen management is expected to gain further momentum.

[“WBC national team fighting!”]

This is Ha Murim from KBS News.

Cinematographer: Hong Byeong-guk / Video editing: Kim Tae-hyung

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