The ‘Secretary of the Ministry of Education’ who was dismissed from the homeroom position… As if sending an official letter, “a child with the King’s DNA”

The following is an issue that is growing controversy over abuse of power by parents. A parent of an elementary school student in Sejong City wrote an e-mail to his homeroom teacher. She wrote down 9 requests, such as never saying ‘don’t do it or no’, and telling her to take the side of her child thoroughly even if she has a conflict with her friend. She even demands that she speak pleasantly as she speaks to a prince because her child has royal genes. However, when I looked down the email, the Ministry of Education logo and the department in charge were stamped. The parent who made this request was the 5th grade official of the Ministry of Education. It was also confirmed that this parent reported the previous homeroom teacher for child abuse and was dismissed from the position.

Reporter Jo Bo-kyung covered the story.


This is an elementary school in Sejong City.

At the end of last year, Minister A of the Ministry of Education reported Mr. B, a teacher at this school, for child abuse.

She refused to go to the library, left her child alone in her classroom, and so on.

Mr. B was immediately removed from his position.

However, Mr. B’s side insisted that it was to protect her child.

[Park Hyo-chun/Secretary General of the National Elementary School Teachers’ Union: Despite being persuaded several times, the teacher, who was concerned that an anger attack might occur in a situation where he stubbornly refused, had no way to먹튀검증 get the student to participate in mobile classes.] Afterwards, Mr. B was dismissed from the position

. Received a decision to cancel the order and returned to the church.

She was also acquitted of the charges.

However, it is known that he is currently undergoing treatment due to shock at the time.

Another thing was controversial.

An email was sent to Mr. B’s successor teacher, Mr. C, demanding special treatment for his child, who has the King’s gene.

In addition, she sent it as a public official unified email with the Ministry of Education logo and the department in charge.

[Jeong Soo-kyung/Chairperson of the National Union of Elementary School Teachers: (Public official integrated mail) can only be used in this way, such as sending an official letter to a specific institution. It’s just that it’s an obvious abuse of power by using one’s position… ]

Officer Lee has been working at a school in Daejeon since the beginning of this year.

As soon as the incident became known, the city education office released the officer from his post and launched an investigation into whether or not the case was true.

I visited the school to ask Mr. A’s position, but

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