“The sin that destroyed the soccer world, remember and live for the rest of your life” High-intensity ‘internal criticism’ towards Chung Mong-gyu

“Don’t get involved in Korean soccer any more, let’s cut off the link at this point.”

There was a strong voice of criticism from inside the KFA towards the president of the Korea Football Association (KFA) Mong-gyu Chung. This is a special contribution made by a KFA labor union member to the union newsletter, and it is a part of the KFA internal atmosphere towards the head.

An anonymous member of the KFA union directly criticized Chairman Chung in the May issue of the KFA Novo Green Card in an article titled “The union’s farewell message from the management’s point of view.” In line with the recent controversy over the amnesty, it is said that the regime of Chairman Chung Mong-gyu, which has continued over the past 10 years, must now come to an end.

Member Lee said, “I wondered if the spring of Korean football was coming to us once again. However, we faced a harsh winter without being able to enjoy the spring energy of Korean soccer because of the so-called ‘stupid decision’ of the leader.” Watching him fill it up, I realize all over again that (Chairman Mong-kyu Chung’s DNA) is different from the DNA of ordinary people.”

He continued, “The pardon decision and withdrawal, why is it my share of shame? I want to be proud,” he said. “Even though each member’s evaluation of the results set by the organization may be different, we must have empathy for the purpose and confidence in the procedure so that we can be proud in front of the football world and fans.” The controversy over the decided amnesty and the withdrawal skit were pinched. 스포츠토토

He said, “It is said that the rivers and mountains change in 10 years, but not only did the rivers and mountains of Korean soccer, which were cultivated by the members of Korean soccer who worked with blood and sweat, disappear by Chairman Mong-gyu Chung, and all bridges that could be crossed were destroyed, so they could not come and go. It seems like we are living in a world without communication.”

“The Korea Football Association’s labor union confidently declares that it is the ‘management side’. This is because our labor union and its members are much more concerned about the company and the future of Korean soccer than themselves, and are a ‘side’ that promotes development,” he said. “So far is enough. At this point, let’s stop talking about Korean soccer.”

He also raised a voice calling for Chung’s resignation. This union member said, “I hope you will go back to your job and do your job, apologize for the accidents that have caused you for the rest of your life, and remember the sins that have destroyed the football world over the past 10 years. And let’s not get involved in Korean soccer any more, and let’s cut off the link at this point.”

“The Football Association is not the personal property of Chairman Chung Mong-gyu. If there is financial help from the president, housekeeping will be a little better, but even without help, if we cherish and tighten our belts, the football association has enough capacity to endure and overcome and develop. Leave the future of Korean football to us and leave.”

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