The Yankees who gave me 216.5 billion while my whole body was in the injury ward… But they haven’t even debuted yet.

The New York Yankees received a positive evaluation last offseason for solving both of the biggest issues within the team. First of all, he signed a 9-year, $360 million (approximately 481.1 billion won) contract with Aaron Judge, the “home run king,” who was the top priority to remain. Then, he was recruited as a left-handed pitcher to achieve a one-two punch with Gerrit Cole.

Carlos Rodon (31) was the main character. The Yankees believed in Rodon’s ability and invested a huge amount of money, a total of 162 million dollars (approximately 216.5 billion won) over six years. The Yankees, who have been struggling for the past two years due to frequent injuries of their starting pitchers, planned to aim for the postseason as well as the regular season with Cole and Rodon’s one-two punches, which are top-notch, at least in terms of pitch.

However, at the time of Rodon’s contract, voices of concern were also loud. That’s because, in the Yankees’ starting rotation, which is heavily injured, Rodon’s physical condition was also questionable. Rodon was a lefty with a league-leading throw when he was healthy, but he had a rather stellar injury history.

Rodon started with a left wrist injury in July 2016 and was placed on the 60-day disabled list in April 2017 with a left bicep injury. Then, in September 2017, inflammation of the left shoulder was discovered, and he suffered half a season in 2018, suffered an elbow injury in 2019, and experienced a left shoulder injury in 2020.

As a result, Rodon never pitched more than 30 games in a season until 2021, and 165 innings in 2016 was the most. Last year, in 31 games, he went 14-8 with an earned run average of 2.88 and threw 178 innings, which was the most games and most innings in his personal career. Maybe it was a Yankees gamble.

The suspicion that the Yankees’ investment was not panic buying is getting stronger. Rodon left spring training after feeling a problem in his lower back, and has yet to make his Yankees debut. His April debut wasn’t easy, as his back pain improved and he likely had to go through minor league rehab. Considering the process of raising the number of pitches, it is highly likely that his full-fledged addition will be in June.

Currently, the Yankees have a big hole as Rodon and Luis Severino, the ‘injured ward’, are also on the familiar injured list, and Frankie Montas, who was brought in last year’s trade, is ruled out for the season. Eventually, it came to a situation where even Johnny Britto, born in 1998, had to be called up, and Clark Schmidt, who was not a professional selection agent, also entered the rotation, but was sluggish with an ERA of 6.30.먹튀검증 This is why the Yankees’ early season performance is not gaining momentum.

It’s fortunate that Rodon is healthy from this injury, but with so many injuries to his elbows and shoulders, no one knows if he’ll be able to hold on smoothly going forward. It is expected that we will have to wait a little longer to see if the Yankees’ gamble will pay off.

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