Typhoon ‘Kanun’ Gyeongnam 300mm heavy rain… What about the South Coast at this time?

Typhoon Kanun No. 6 is expected to land on the southern coast of South Gyeongsang Province around 9:00 a.m. shortly after.

A typhoon warning has been issued throughout Gyeongnam, which is in the area of ​​influence of the typhoon.

Let’s go to Samcheonpo Port in Sacheon City.

Reporter Choi Jin-seok! how is the situation there?


Yes, here in Sacheon is where a typhoon is predicted to land this morning.

It rained and stopped all night, but as the sun rose, the wind picked up.

In Maemul Island, Tongyeong, which is a little closer to the typhoon, a very strong wind with a maximum wind speed of 33m per second was observed around 0:00 am.

Behind me, large and small fishing boats that went out to sea are evading, filling the harbor as you can see.

As the typhoon moved north, the typhoon warning gradually expanded.

Currently, typhoon warnings have been issued for all seas in the South Sea.

In addition, typhoon warnings have been extended to all 18 cities and counties in Gyeongsangnam-do, including Geoje and Tongyeong, Changwon and Gimhae, Miryang and Haman, and Sacheon and Namhae, which are inland.

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More and more places are being evacuated in advance or controlled.


Yes, it seems that Gyeongnam will be at its peak around 9 am today.

As this typhoon moves north at a slow speed, strong rain and wind are expected for a long time in the southern coast of Gyeongnam.

Until today, the expected precipitation is 100 to 200 mm in the interior of Gyeongnam, and 300 mm in the southern coast and western inland.

In Gyeongnam, it rained heavily for two days, including 231mm in Geoje and 220mm in Bukchangwon.

From 7 am, torrential rain of over 60mm per hour continues in Uichang-gu and Seongsan-gu, Changwon.

In Gyeongnam, 2,900 households and 2,900 people evacuated in advance to the village hall in preparation for the typhoon.

Some 510 parking lots and underground roads are also being controlled in advance.

17 sea bridges over the sea are also controlled.

Currently, Namhae Noryang Bridge, Changseon-Samcheonpo Bridge, and Machang Bridge are completely under control.

23 Gyeongjeon Line trains departing from Jinju and going to Dongdaegu and Seoul were also suspended.

The Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education has decided to offer remote classes to all 222 schools, including kindergartens and high schools in Gyeongsangnam-do, which will open today.

The Gyeongnam and Changwon Fire Headquarters have received about 30 cases of relatively minor damage, such as tree fall and drainage support.


Reporter Choi, what should you pay attention to in Gyeongnam to reduce typhoon damage?


Yes, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for flood damage along with rain and wind around the coast.

The Sacheon area, where coastal houses and raw fish restaurants are gathered, was flooded in places by high waves during the 2021 typhoon’Oh Mys’.

Waves are expected to be very high, up to 8m or more, on the south coast today, so there are concerns about low-lying flood damage.

Those living in low-lying coastal areas안전놀이터 should refrain from going out and listen to disaster broadcasts.

In addition, as there are places where the ground has weakened as more than 500mm of rain fell on average during this rainy season in Gyeongnam, you must be careful about landslides, slopes, and embankment collapses.

A landslide warning was issued in Haman-gun last night (9th), and a landslide warning was issued in Geochang-gun around 7 am today (10th).

This is Choi Jin-seok from KBS News at Samcheonpo Port, Sacheon.

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