VNL 16th straight women’s volleyball… We desperately need an ace fight

The Korean women’s volleyball team will start the second week of the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) from the 15th (Korean time). Ace Park Jung-ah (30) desperately needs to fight. 

The national team failed to win a single set in the 4 matches (Turkey, Canada, USA, Thailand) in the first week held in Turkiye, and lost 4 times in a row. 0 points. It is the 16th consecutive loss in this tournament following all 12 losses last year.

The outlook for the second week is also not bright. In the first game on the 15th, we will meet Brazil, the world’s No. 1 player. This is a team that was completely defeated 0-3 in the semifinals of the Tokyo Olympics held in August 2021. The national team was lethargic even in the game at the time when ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung played. 

Then, on the 16th, they will deal with Japan, the ‘old enemy’. He won in the Tokyo Olympics qualifiers, but lost 0-3 in last year’s VNL match. Japan is currently ranked 7th. In this tournament, in the first week of the schedule held at home, they won 4 wins, including catching the strong Dominican Republic. 

The third match of the second week is Croatia. It is the only opponent that can realistically aim for a win. Croatia also lost 0-3 in all four matches in the first week. The national team beat Croatia 3-1 at last year’s World Championship. 

The national team changed its starting setter from Yeom Hye-seon to Kim Da-in from the 3rd game of the 1st week against the United States on the 3rd. It is evaluated that the central attack using middle blockers (centers) such as Park Eun-jin and Jeong Ho-young has become active. Dain Kim missed the schedule for the second week due to an injury, but it is highly likely that he will operate a more diverse attack route than before. In addition, Moon Jeong-won, who transformed from a striker to a libero, also struggled with a receiving efficiency of 54.55%. The defense isn’t bad either. 

The national team’s first victory in the tournament rests in the hands of ace Park Jung-ah. He scored the most points (27) among national team strikers in the 4 games he played in Week 1, but his attack success rate was only 30.26%. He scored 14 points in the match against Thailand, where the blocker height was relatively low, but struggled against a foreign team with a good physique. In particular, when he was in the rear, he rarely attempted a back attack. 메이저사이트

The center attack can be effective when the opposing blocker is conscious of the wing attacker. This is why left and right attacks must survive. Park Jung-ah is the national team captain and a player expected to play a leading role in the ‘post-Kim Yeon-kyung’ era. Among the V-League women’s players, she receives the highest salary (775 million won). The pride of Korean women’s volleyball rested on his shoulders. 

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