What is the cruelty of the LG foreign hitter… 10G 23%? Austin power, living clutch ability

10 games 203 3 pennies.

LG foreign hitter Austin Dean was not good in the last 10 games until this day. Still, until this day, in 43 games of the season, batting average 0.321, 4 homers, 32 RBIs, OPS 0.811. The cruelty of foreign batters that LG has repeated for years can now really be put in the trash.

Can a player have the best hitting feeling all year round? Austin proved why his grade is different from previous LG foreign batters in the Gwangju KIA game on the 26th. When the cutter of 1st KIA starter Adonis Medina was driven to the middle, he undoubtedly launched a preemptive solo shot.

In the 3rd inning, the 2nd and 3rd basemen punished the deformed fastball once again. With a full count, he pulled two seams at 150 km and scored a double with two RBIs that exceeded the height of the left fielder. Medina’s weakness is that he throws a ball with a lot of movement left and right, but not much movement up and down. Apparently, there are a lot of lost balls.

However, KBS N Sports commentator Park Yong-taek, who relayed the game, looked at Austin’s 2-RBI double and evaluated that the cutter went well into his body. It was said that it was not a mistake. In the end, Austin’s response was good. He picked out his slider well and hit the deformed bass ball lightly.

Austin’s two rooms in the 2nd and 3rd times were two rooms that clearly brought the flow of the game to LG. Compared to KIA only scoring 1 point with 10 hits and 2 walks, Austin’s clutch ability was relatively brilliant. LG, which goes well, gets a multiplier with the help of a foreign hitter.

For reference,안전놀이터 Austin this year is second in batting average by foreign batters following Guillermo Heredia (SSG), third in home runs by foreign batters following Jose Rojas (Doosan) and Socrates Brito (KIA), and second in RBI by foreign batters following Edison Russell (Kiwoom). , Heredia, and Anthony Alford (KT), and third in OPS for foreign hitters. He is the best foreign hitter in the league.

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “Austin brought the whole flow of the game with a 4th batter down on the batting line, and with Min-seong’s hit and Dong-won’s home run, we were able to win the game with additional runs.”

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