Who throws stones at the challenge of youth… Shim Joon-seok mentioned ‘a stinging gaze’

On the 24th, Shim Jun-seok, who is about to leave for the United States, finished the airport interview and left these words. He seemed to be aware of the cynical gaze towards him.

Shim Jun-seok appeared like a comet. In 2020, when he was a freshman in high school, he left a strong enough impression to take away the attention that 3rd graders Jang Jae-young (Kiwoom) and Na Seung-yeop (Lotte) were about to join the pros. He surprised those who tried to use it freely, including a stone fastball at 150 km per hour and a waterfall curve. Fans confessed, “I was surprised by Shim Jun-seok while looking at the seniors.”

The problem is that he struggled right before the entrance exam. Shim Jun-seok only had an average ERA of 5.14 with 2 wins and 2 losses in 토토사이트 12 games last year. He struck out 40 times in 20⅔ innings, but these spectacular numbers were buried by 34 on 4 walks. In addition, this jegu hunting was revealed in the baseball entertainment program.

Still, there were teams betting on the potential shown so far. The Pittsburgh Pirates offered Sim Jun-seok an amount of 1 million dollars, including the down payment and other expenses, and agreed to an international contract. Shim Jun-seok boarded a plane to the United States on the 24th for his initiation ceremony on the 26th.

In the interview that day, Shim Jun-seok revealed his intention to overturn the evaluation of himself. First of all, he said, “I didn’t put strength on my shoulders because I signed a contract. I want to show what I couldn’t show last year by working hard without being arrogant. I did a lot of image training so that unfortunate situations like last year did not come out.”

Here, even after he ranked 10th in the MLB pipeline international prospect list, when he received a down payment below expectations, there was a cynical voice saying,’Expectations are that much’. In fact, there are quite a few cases where players below Shim Jun-seok in this ranking have signed contracts of more than 2 million dollars. However, Shim Jun-seok said that factors other than the down payment influenced the decision, saying, “The club officials informed me of the growth plan in detail, and I was moved by the feeling that they took good care of me while looking at the club system and training method.”

His most impressive remark came at the end. Shim Jun-seok said, “I’m not going to the United States just because of a dream. I’m confident that I can do well and rise, so I’m taking on the challenge. I hope people will look at me with a warm heart rather than a stinging gaze.”

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