“Why are you out there?” Yeongju kicks out… Who is the real main character of ‘Crocodile Trouble’?

This is a large lizard captured yesterday in Yeongju바카라사이트, North Gyeongsang Province.

It was captured alive, but officials are pressing the entrance with their feet to prevent it from coming out.

According to Yeongju City and the fire department, at around 3:30 pm yesterday, a feed factory in Hyucheon-dong, Yeongju City received a report that there was a lizard, and the firefighters dispatched to the plant captured a lizard with a length of 1m along with factory officials.

This lizard was found to be a savannah monitor lizard that lives mainly in tropical rainforests.

It is not known how this lizard, which is known not to live in the wild in Korea, entered the factory.

While the possibility of someone abandoning or escaping from an animal facility is raised, some interpret that the reporters who said they “saw a crocodile” in Yeongju last month saw this lizard.

Yeongju City believes that the factory that captured the lizard is 12km away from Naeseongcheon Museom Bridge, which was originally reported, and is unlikely to be related.

The lizard is currently being protected by Yeongju City, and will soon be sent to the Gyeongbuk Wildlife Rescue Management Center.

In Yeongju, on the 24th, a reticulated python living in a rainforest area was captured and handed over to a theme park in Andong.

At the time, the python was found in an export/import container brought into a factory in Jeokseo-dong, Yeongju-si, and was estimated to be a baby snake with a length of 1.5m and a weight of about 400g.

Wildlife experts estimate that snakes in the rainforest entered the country after entering the container.

A fire official said, “If you see an exotic animal or reptile, do not rush to approach it and call 119 immediately.”

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