Why did Pittsburgh coach Bae Ji-hwan come out with gloves? is a symbol of trust

 Pittsburgh, who had been aiming for a winning series against St. Louis in a 4-game series, unfortunately lost 4-5 after an extended game in the last game of the series held at Busch Stadium on the 17th (Korean time).

With a 3-3 matchup, Pittsburgh scored 1 run in the 10th overtime game, putting St. Louis in danger. But St. Louis wasn’t easy either. After one shot in the 10th overtime counterattack, Contreras picked a decisive walk and made 1st and 2nd bases with 1 out, and Gorman hit a double that crossed the right fence with one bound to tie the score.

Then Pittsburgh deliberately skipped Nutba with 4 pitches and chose a full base operation. It was a perfectly normal procedure. Here, Pittsburgh coach Derek Shelton took the mound to instruct the players on their strategy. However, there was one thing that stood out, and it was the glove in Shelton’s hand.

Of course, it was not the manager who went to the mound with a glove to pitch. It was to pass it on to someone. The recipient was Bae Ji-hwan (24), who entered the 10th overtime in great defense. Pittsburgh chose the ‘infield 5-man shift’ and called in Bae Ji-hwan, who was in center fielder, to the infield. Infielders and outfielders use different gloves, so he came out with his own gloves for infielders.

Major League Baseball will limit shifts starting this year. Two infielders must be positioned across the second base, and infielders cannot go outside the infield. However, he does not touch the position of the outfielders. Pittsburgh focused on this and put Bae Ji-hwan, who could also play as an infielder, near second base to fill the infield tightly with five defenders. There were only two players in the outfield, Reynolds and Joe. Anyway, if you give up 1 point, the game is over, so it’s a risk.

As a result,카지노사이트 the infield five-man shift never had a chance to shine as Crowe struck out Walker. Bae Ji-hwan cheered for the strikeout and gestured to the dugout again. It was a signal to ask for the outfield glove again. With two outs full, the defense returned to its normal position, and Bae Ji-hwan went back to center field. However, it was regrettable that Edmon ended the game with a timely hit.

The game was lost, but it was a scene where Bae Ji-hwan’s defensive utility could be seen. Bae Ji-hwan was mainly active as a shortstop in high school. He also practiced second base when he went to the United States, and accumulated experience by diligently playing as a center fielder to become more competitive in the major leagues. Now, he is being used as a utility player who can see both the infield and the outfield. This is also Bae Ji-hwan’s competitiveness.

He’s good at either side now, showing more ruggedness as an outfielder this year. If the same situation arises in the future, there is a high probability that the director who comes up with Bae Ji-hwan’s glove or the picture delivered from dugout will happen again.

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