“Why do you live like that for a few pennies?”… 4 people eat 36,500 won, anger of the president of the pub

A story emerged that four young men and스포츠토토 women ran away from a pub without paying 36,000 won. If the story is true, it is a pity to pay 9,000 won per person, so it is like eating and running.

On the 17th, on an online community, Mr. A, who introduced himself as a self-employed person who runs a small pub in the province, posted a story about being eaten.

Mr. A said, “This morning, 36,500 won, which is not even a few pennies for four male and female couples, was a waste, so her girlfriend burned it in a taxi and ran away.”

She then wrote, “I sent her girlfriend for a ride in her taxi and I thought she was just going so I followed her and she asked if she was just going and she said she would go in with a cigarette and she ran away.”

Mr. A collapsed, saying, “I’m having a hard time these days, but I’m really exhausted.” “Why do I live my life like that for a few pennies?”

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