Will another world-class striker be born? Learning from ‘Legend’ director Klinsman

Can another ‘world-class’ striker be born in the Korean national soccer team? It’s not a completely impossible story if you learn from coach Jurgen Klinsmann (58, Germany), a ‘legend’ who had a reputation as a world-class striker during his active career.

Manager Klinsman was a world-class striker during his playing days. He went through Stuttgart, Bayern Munich (above Germany), Inter Milan (Italy), and Tottenham Hotspur (England) and scored 284 goals in 620 matches in his club career. In the process, he won numerous individual awards, including becoming the German Bundesliga’s top scorer (19 goals) in the 1987-1988 season.

He was also a key striker in the German national football team. He scored 47 goals in 108 matches in his career, and led the team to victory in the 1990 FIFA World Cup Italy and the 1996 UEFA European Football Championship during this period.

As coach Klinsman took over as head coach of the Korean national soccer team, expectations are being raised that another world-class striker following Son Heung-min (30, Tottenham Hotspur) could emerge. In particular, attention is focused as it is not impossible if attackers such as Oh Hyeon-gyu (21, Celtic) and Cho Kyu-seong (25, Jeonbuk Hyundai), who are growing rapidly, learn a lot while taking ‘one-point lessons’ in the future.

In fact, after being convened at the Paju National Training Center (NFC) on the 20th, Cho Kyu-seong met with reporters and said, “Actually, I haven’t seen coach Klinsman play during his active career, but I saw the goal scene through YouTube. I think it’s great.” If there is something I can do, I want to listen to advice and learn it. More than anything, I want to learn that part because he is good at scoring goals.”

In particular, after coach Klinsman took the lead of the Korean national soccer team, he said, “I think communication is very important.카지노 As Oh Hyun-kyu and Cho Kyu-seong achieve more growth in the future, the road to world-class strikers is open.

Meanwhile, Klinsman will raise his anchor in earnest through two consecutive A-match friendly matches in March, with the match against Colombia on the 24th (Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium) and against Uruguay on the 28th (Seoul World Cup Stadium). Prior to this, on the 20th, they gathered at the Paju NFC and went into hardening.

With a lot of attention being focused on his debut match, coach Klinsman said, “I’m looking forward to it as it’s a fresh start.”

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