Will the returning Heo Hoon become the vanguard of KT’s counterattack?

Next season, KBL is expected to compete for the championship more fiercely than ever. Amidst rave reviews for their flawless balance in terms of positional balance, player base, and organizational power, Seoul SK is ranked as the best, while Jeonju KCC and Changwon LG, which have significantly improved their strength during the off-season, are being evaluated as rivals. Suwon KT cannot be left out. At first glance, you may have mixed feelings about whether or not to reinforce your power, but it is a team that is expected to hit hard from the middle of the season at least.

Off-season KT lost a key player in the team. Yang Hong-seok (26‧195 cm) left for LG. Fans were shocked because he was a player who was expected to become the team’s franchise star. Recently, they have been compared to prominent big wings such as Song Kyo-chang, Ahn Young-jun, and Choi Jun-yong, and have suffered harsh criticism for ‘no progress’, but next season, KT may realize the saying ‘I don’t know where I am, but I know where I am’ in every game.

Yang Hong-seok averaged 12.20 points, 2.03 assists and 5.92 rebounds during 298 games in 6 regular season seasons. He is a player with high expectations, so it may be regrettable in terms of his growth, but in fact, there are few players as steady as Yang Hong-seok. Except for his first season, he is a player who basically averaged 12 points and 5 rebounds or more.

It may not be an ace, but it supports the main gun well with an average score of more than double digits, and above all, it can be seen that the influence on the team was considerable in that it grabbed more than 5 rebounds as a native swingman. Because of Yang Hong-seok, KT was able to bring a considerable positive effect in the rebound fight. The average score per quarter also does not differ much. He did not know explosive power, but he was a player who did not have severe ups and downs in scoring.

In addition, veterans Kim Dong-wook, Kim Young-hwan, and Kim Yun-tae retired, Kim Min-wook transferred, and Park Ji-won enlisted in Sangmu. It is clear that the massive departure of players who played a role like Altoran at every important moment, although not the main player, will act as a considerable power vacuum. Nevertheless, KT is still a top candidate. As it was a team with a strong player base, the thickness still seems to be a big problem.

Above all, it is analyzed that the addition of Moon Seong-gon (30‧195.6cm), the best defensive forward in the league, will add wings to the team balance. In terms of offense, it will not be easy to do as much as Yang Hong-seok, but all-weather defense and hustle play are expected to strengthen KT in a different color. His rebounding ability is also worthy of comparison with Yang Hong-seok.

In addition, the probability of the top-ranked lottery in this rookie draft is high, so there is a high probability that a big-fish rookie will join, as has been the case recently. In addition, if Paris Bass (28‧207cm), who was selected as the 1st option foreign player, shows an even performance inside and outside as it is known, it is expected to show terrifying power along with ‘Baby Hulk’ Ha Yoon-gi (24‧204cm).

It can be said that the existence of ‘Stefan Hoon-ri’ Heo Hoon (28‧180cm), a star, is the biggest in selecting KT as a strong team candidate. Heo Hoon, who is currently serving in the military at Sangmu, plans to join the team after being discharged with Park Joon-young in November. Last season, KT realized the absence of a native ace that would make the opposing team difficult in the competition, apart from the thick player base, but when Heo Hoon returns, such concerns disappear.

Heo Hoon, who stands out with a strong muscular body reminiscent of his father Heo Jae’s active career, has good power, elasticity and speed radiating from his well-balanced body. It is no exaggeration to say that he is at the highest level among the No. 1 players in Korea in terms of his physical ability alone. In addition, it was difficult to find an opponent in this position from the beginning of Jira, which is equipped with various skills in addition to high BQ메이저사이트.

Among the players who have directly played against him, there were even comments such as ‘He is a foreign player-class point guard’ and ‘Heo Jae’s second coming, who has only grown smaller. This is why we are looking forward to a serious fight against SK Kim Seon-hyung, who has maintained his athletic ability even at a considerable age and recently has a seasoned beauty, and Sono International Lee Jung-hyun, who is ranked in the top ranks after last season’s playoffs.

Heo Hoon is a player capable of both a speed match with Kim Seon-hyung and a power match with Lee Jung-hyun just by what he has shown so far. He is equally well equipped with physical abilities. Heo Hoon is not yet a player like a so-called basketball guru who fools opponents by controlling various fake movements and rhythms. When he sees an opening, he boldly digs in and tries to attack his rim, passing to an empty teammate in the process.

His shooting ability, such as a 3-point shot and a mid-range jumper, is also stable. He is the so-called classic style with well-equipped basic skills, but there are not many players who can handle him one-on-one. As mentioned earlier, this is because his physical ability is so good that he is not easily pushed back or loses his balance even if he bumps into an opponent bigger than himself.

He has a lot of guts, so there is no hesitation in playing, and he is faithful to the formula of ‘pierce if it sticks, shoot if it falls, and give it if it’s empty’. He shows how powerful he can be if he plays well with the basics. In a way, that’s why Heo Hoon is more frightening. As the number of years accumulated and experience increased, the number of options increased, and the skill level also increased.

It is still the best, but as various skills are added and become proficient, it is highly likely that it will become a more difficult Super No. 1. With Moon Seong-gon joining, it is expected that the defensive burden will be reduced a lot, so it is expected that they will play more aggressively. It is noteworthy whether KT, who lost his pride last season despite his good power, will be able to fly the flag of a counterattack with the returning field commander Heo Hoon.

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