Yokichi, the first ’30P-20R’ in the Finals, what is the ability hidden in the triple double?

Nikola Jokic (28, Serbia) is showing amazing 3-point shooting ability as much as a triple double.

Jokic recorded 32 points, 21 rebounds and 10 assists in Game 3 of the NBA Finals on the 8th, leading the Denver Nuggets (hereafter Denver) to victory. Jokic was the first to break the record in the finals and became the only player to record the record twice in the playoffs.

However, Jokic set another record equal to the triple-double. Yokichi became the 25th player to exceed 45% of the 206 players who attempted 65 or more 3-pointers in a single postseason since 1979, when the NBA introduced the 3-pointer.

Jokic made 47% (35/66) of 3-point shots in the playoffs this season, while recording 61.8% (17.3 attempts) of 2-point shots in the finals. So Jokic feels like an impeccable player who can be the best low-post rater in the league, reigns supreme in the playoffs, and can score anywhere, anytime.

Manager Mike Malone also commented on Jokic’s 3-point shooting ability, saying, “When Nicola makes a 3-point shot, it puts a lot more pressure on the opponent’s defense.” praised

“When the biggest player on the court gets out on the perimeter, he gives Jamal Murray room to run and play.” In fact, Jokic falls to the 3-point line and throws an outside shot while performing a handoff play and a two-man game with Murray. As an opponent, there is no choice but to be a difficult existence.

Jokic’s 3-point shooting ability doesn’t stop there. Jokic doesn’t just throw 3-point shots well, he even uses shot fakes to attack close-outs. So, even if your opponent drives Jokic back to the 3-point line, these abilities will easily allow him into the paint.

Jokic’s versatility and unpredictability have given opposition defenders a lot of trouble every time he catches the ball from the perimeter, leaving them almost out of whack.

Colleagues who watched Yokichi from the side continued to praise him.

Murray commented, “Jokic picks his place himself, pours fakes and is good at reaching the free-throw line or shooting open 3-pointers.” In addition, Aaron Gordon said, “The Joker (Yokichi Bulmyeong) is redefining basketball.” He dominates everywhere on the court, with an advantage even from 40 feet away.”메이저놀이터

Meanwhile, Jokic played an average of 39.4 minutes per game over 18 games in this playoff, averaging 30.5 points, 13.4 rebounds and 10.1 assists, 54.6% field goal success rate (21.1 attempts), 47% 3-point success rate (3.7 attempts), and 80% free throw success rate (7.2 attempts). ) is being recorded.

He is just two wins away from winning the championship trophy. If he wins, he may witness the birth of an unprecedented basketball player.

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