Yonsei University Organic Award “I will fulfill any role like a chameleon”

The third misaeng is Yonsei University’s top shooter (188cm, G). What is the reason that Yu-gi-sang wants to become a chameleon that changes its color to suit the environment?

# Basketball that started with a notebook Yugi-sang, who
was born in an athletic family,스포츠토토 began with a notebook hanging in front of the house. Yugi-sang, who discovered a basketball class promotion behind a notebook, seemed possessed and visited Pyopil-sang’s basketball class with his older brother, where he caught a basketball for the first time in his life.

It was the first basketball I caught, but Yu-gi-sang stood out. There were many options to start playing basketball properly, but at the suggestion of his father’s acquaintance, Ki-sang decided to transfer to Samgwangcho. It was difficult for him to compete in elite basketball for the first time, the Yugi Award, but his passion and fun for basketball did not break.

“My father said, ‘Wouldn’t it be better to go where I know a little bit?’ He said Samgwangcho, so I went. At that time, it was connected to Yongsan Middle School and Yongsan High School, so that was also a reason. I was good at club sports, but it was completely different when I went to Samgwangcho. It was very difficult (laughs)”

It was the same age as Yang Jae-min (Utsunomiya), Kim Tae-wan (Hyundai Mobis), and Jo Jong-min who started playing basketball first. Yoo Ki-sang was shocked to see their skills, and started playing ‘real’ basketball.

# Excluding the entry that was difficult, it did not stop.
The basic skills and shooting that were strictly learned during this time became the nourishment for the current Yu-gi-sang. In addition, the fun of basketball grew even more as he moved away from club sports and made promised plays and fixed movements. Yoo Ki-sang went to Yongsan Middle School and then Yongsan High School, and for the first time faced a shocking situation in which he was excluded from the entry.

“I went to high school, but (Jeong) Bae-kwon (Sungkyunkwan University) and I didn’t make it into the entry. It was a new experience. He went to the stadium, but he couldn’t run anyway, so there was no tension (laughs). At that time, if I had been thinking deeply, it would have been really hard on the inside, but it was fortunate that I had no thoughts. Still, the thought of wanting to run was always in my heart.

Looking back, I am grateful for that time now.” “I really wanted to run, so I came off the bench as a part and warmed up and appealed that I wanted to run. I think I am who I am today because I had that kind of experience.”

Did they say that opportunities come to those who are desperate? While Yu Ki-sang was in his first year at Yongsan High School, the current head coach, Lee Se-beom, took over and this served as a turning point in Yu-gi-sang’s career.

# ‘Importance of defense’ A game that changed his basketball life
Yugi-sang learned a lot from Yongsan High School coach Lee Se-beom, from the direction of practice to the mindset. “Due to the structure of Yongsan High School, when I bounce a ball in the gym, I can hear the dorm and even the coach’s room. When I exercised at the gym every morning and bounced the ball, the coach would come out and catch my ball even when I was sleeping. And until then, individual workouts were of no nutritional value, so I am really grateful that (the coach) gave me the direction.”

Yugi-sang, who went to Yonsei University after going through Yongsan High School, once again competed to survive among the brilliant older brothers. In order to survive in a different level of competition, a different weapon was needed, and there was a decisive match that made me realize this.

On October 27, 2020, the college basketball regular league match against Dankook University. “At that time, even 6 shots did not go in at first. I want to play more games, but I don’t shoot, so I decided to grit my teeth and play defense. After the 2nd quarter, head coach Eun Hee-seok asked me when I entered the locker room, why do I think I was running even though the shot didn’t go in in front of the players? ‘It’s because of the defense,’ he said. At that time, I just felt that defense came first.”

Yugi-sang, who paid attention to defense, eventually scored the second most points (14 points) in the team after Lee Jung-hyun (18 points) in that game. This experience gave Yugi-sang a hint on how to solve the game when shooting was low, and he became a player who showed his presence in defense enough to rank 4th in the block shot league (1.3) this season as a senior.

# Because I went through everything from a bench member to an ace…
Yugi-sang, who absorbed good things from outstanding seniors like a chameleon wherever he went, played an active role as Yonsei University’s ace from his third year. That’s why rumors about Yu Ki-sang’s advance to the pros circulated every draft. Yu-gi-sang did not waver, and after completing all four years, he was able to challenge his professional stage.

“Actually, when I went out, people around me said things like what team I went to. I like the regular method. I am stubborn enough to never look back once I make a choice (laughs). When I thought I was going out, I had a lot of random thoughts. So I immediately judged ‘this is not it’. And since I received good things from his older brothers, I also wanted to deliver good things to my juniors until the end.”

The part that Ki-sang focuses on on the professional stage is the role the team wants. He revealed his determination to do whatever role the team wants, like a chameleon that changes color according to the environment.

“I want to help the team win by fulfilling the order perfectly. He thinks a lot about achieving results by doing something together rather than just watching from the bench.

I do my best to do what I can, but I think I will be able to run if I do what is helpful to the team first rather than being greedy.” Let’s watch.

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