Yoo Ji-na, KLPGA MC Square-Gunsan CC Dream Tour 6th round after a close match, first win in her life

Yoo Ji-na (21, Taewang Honors) held the ‘KLPGA 2023 MC Square- Gunsan CC Dream Tour 6th round (total prize money of 100 million won,먹튀검증 prize money of 15 million won)’.

Yoo Ji-na, who caught 7 birdies without bogey in the first round and tied for second place with 7 under par 65 strokes, blocked 1 bogey in the 2nd round, eliminated 5 birdies and 1 eagle, and reduced 6 strokes to lead with an interim total of 13 under par 131 strokes. I faced the final round with a rise. Yoo Ji-na caught only 3 birdies in the final round and finished the game with a final total of 16 under par 200 strokes (65-66-69), but Lee Seon-yeong 2 (23, On/Off Golf) took the lead by hitting 10 under par in the first round. The match went into overtime as Eugena submitted the same scorecard as Yujina. The joys and sorrows of Yoo Ji-na and Lee Seon-young 2, who competed fiercely for the title, were split in the fourth overtime in the 18th hole, where they could not win the match until the third overtime. While Lee Seon-yeong 2 missed a 7-meter birdie putt, Eugene finished the game with a 1.5-meter birdie putt, recording her first win after her professional debut.

Yoo Ji-na said through the KLPGA, “I am really happy because it is my first win since my professional debut. I didn’t even think about winning, but I threw away the burden and hit calmly, and it seems like a good result followed.” Thank you, and thank you to the sponsors and the association for holding the tournament for the players.”

Yoo Ji-na continued, “In fact, it was really difficult because the results were not good until the 3rd match. He was about to lose his love for golf, but after the third round, her mother said, ‘You’re still young, so do whatever you want to do.’ After hearing her mother’s words, I felt much more at ease, and mysteriously, the results started to come out from the 4th game. I think this victory is all thanks to my mother,” she said, revealing the driving force behind the victory.

Kim Bo-mi 3 (20) was in third place with a final total of 15 under par and 201 strokes (68-68-65), while Kang Ji-sun (27) and Park Ah-reum 2 (20) tied for fourth place with 14 under par and 202 strokes side by side. ‘KLPGA 2023 MC Square-Gunsan CC Dream Tour Round 2’ winner Shin Bo-min (28) and ‘KLPGA 2023 Muan CC-All For You Dream Tour Round 4’ winner Gippeum Lee (29, Very Good Trip) and Hyunji Hong (21) , Seo Ha-young (26), and Kim Hyo-moon (25) tied for 6th place with a score of 13 under par and 203 strokes.

Meanwhile, Jeon Hyo-min (24, National Beef), winner of the 1st round of the KLPGA 2023 Muan CC All For You Dream Tour, Jin-young Lim (20, Daebang Construction), the winner of the 3rd round of the KLPGA 2023 Dream Tour, and the ‘KLPGA 2023 Dream Tour Round 3’ winner Han Seung-joo (24), the winner of the 5th round of the 2023 Dream Tour, failed to pass the cut and failed to advance to the final round.

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