‘Yoon Haek-gwan’ Cheol-gyu Lee “Don’t talk about anything different from the party’s opinion”… The power of the people ahead of the nomination for the general election ‘Dwisungsung’

It was confirmed that Secretary-General Lee Cheol-gyu of People’s Power, a key official on the side of President Yoon Seok-yeol, made a statement to the effect of “refraining from voices different from those of the party” at the general meeting of the party’s members on the 16th. Ahead of next year’s general elections, it is interpreted that the criticism of the Yoon Seok-yeol government’s keynote in state affairs and the role of the party leadership led by lawmakers in the metropolitan area began to crack down. The secretary general, who oversees the party organization and budget, serves as the vice chairman of the nomination management committee in the general election and oversees the nomination process.

According to multiple members of the People’s Power who attended the meeting on this day, after the meeting was made private, President Lee said to the effect of “do not go out and criticize the party or make a voice different from the party’s opinion.” Rep. A said in a phone call, “The moderator said, ‘The Secretary-General has something to say about the party audit,’ and then President Lee stepped forward and said, ‘Don’t talk about other personal things with the party (Ron).’” Rep. B said, “(President Lee) said with the intention of ‘don’t harm yourself’” and “he also said that he respects various voices.”

Members of the lawmakers said that they 메이저사이트felt pressured by President Lee’s remarks, who would be directly involved in the nomination even as a partisan official. Rep. C said, “When the secretary-general speaks, (members) feel great pressure,” and said, “That’s the Communist Party.” Rep. Lee said, “Isn’t it someone else who has a close influence on the nomination?” Rep. A said, “The secretary-general is a position to manage the party,” and said, “It is a topical and inappropriate talk.” Rep. Lee said, “It’s nomination season and there are rumors about the water change, so lawmakers are worried about what they will say in Yongsan (President’s Office), so they can’t say anything in front of President Lee.”

In the power of the people, a different voice continued from the position of the party leadership regarding the responsibility for the recent Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree disruption and the theory of the crisis in the metropolitan area of ​​the general election. On the 9th, Rep. Yoon Sang-hyun, a member of the 4th term, said in a social network service ( SNS ) on the 9th, “I can only see the president and ministers, but I can’t see our party and the party representative.” There is,” he pointed out. Rep. Yoon said, “The current address of the ruling party is the responsibility of the party leadership.”

On the 9th, Rep. Ahn Chul-soo, a third-term member, said on KBS radio, “The Jamboree was hosted by the Korean government,” and “It is internationally necessary for the highest government official to apologize and express regret.” He also stressed the need for the dismissal of ministers in charge. On the same day, Rep. Ha Tae-kyung, a 3rd term, said on CPBC radio, “(The Yoon Seok-yeol government) tends to appear like this, a government that only represents hardline conservatives.” Then you end up with a plant regime for all five years,” he said.

On this day, the meeting was prepared to share the keynote of responding to the opposition in line with the start of the extraordinary session of the National Assembly in August. The secretaries of the main standing committees shared what they were figuring out in connection with the investigation of the cause of the Jamboree’s claudication at the Congress. Fierce clashes broke out between the ruling and opposition parties from the first day of the provisional National Assembly session, with both the plenary meeting of the Public Administration and Security Committee agreed upon by the ruling and opposition parties and the plenary meeting of the National Defense Commission requested to be convened by the opposition party alone.

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