‘You don’t know the world’ Manchester United to sign Kane with only 128 billion won

Only 80 million pounds?

It is widely known that Manchester United wants to sign Tottenham star Harry Kane. Manchester United are hoping to bring Kane this summer for a transfer fee of £80m.

Kane transfer rumors are burning again. Kane tried unsuccessfully to move to Manchester City in the summer of 2021. Ahead of this season, he was embroiled in transfer rumors to Bayern Munich. However, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy cut off interest from other teams in Kane.

This time it’s Man United. Kane was the best card for Manchester United, who are looking for a new main striker after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. Kane’s contract with Tottenham expires next summer. He seems to want to leave the team because of his desire to win.

Of course, Tottenham is also struggling to stay. Chairman Levy recently threatened to pay ‘100 million pounds in a lump sum to take Kane’. The total is likely to exceed £100 million.

But Tottenham should also prepare for the worst. If Kane does not sell this summer and leaves as a free agent next summer, he will have to lose a special player without receiving a penny. Once you’ve confirmed that Kane isn’t willing to stay, selling him in the summer is a wise choice.

British media ‘Daily Star’ reported that Man Utd CEO Richard Arnold approved access to Kane, and coach Eric Ten Hag also saw Kane as the number one target.

The problem is the budget.토토사이트 Manchester United are hoping £80m will be enough to sign Kane. It is an amount that is far short of Tottenham’s expectations. You need to start with at least £100m.

However, Kane has no choice but to prefer Manchester United. A team called Manchester United is important, but he wants to play in the Premier League. Kane currently has 204 league goals. He wants to surpass Alan Shearer’s all-time record of 260 goals. If you don’t go to another league, Kane is a record that can be broken enough.

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